Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Robert Costea – Album Artwork

I have been fortunate to have Robert Costea, RoCoART, doing the artwork for my recent albums. Robert, who designed the album cover art for A Quiet Light as he did for the two previous Somewhere off Jazz Street albums, has a great feeling for music, and for matching images to the music.
Working with Robert has been much like working and improvising with jazz musicians, where no words are needed. Play the music and they respond with their creation. I send Robert the music for the album and my very brief thoughts on what the album is about and somehow, magically he responds with the perfect image.
Robert has also done the artwork for the SOJS albums Beyond This and Whispers of Empty Spaces, as well as another project of mine called Clamour Head, which is one of my favorites covers. 
Thank you Robert !

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